Governor Thomas Johnson Girls Varsity Basketball

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Head Girls Varsity Basketball Coach - William Miskell, Jr. (

Coach Miskell's Coaching Bio:

Coach Miskell is a FCPS Student Support Services Personnel at Monocacy Middle School. This will be his second year coaching the Girls Varsity Basketball team at GTJHS. Previously, he coached at Middletown High School (2002-2014) and has been the Boys Basketball Coach at GTJHS (2014-2018). Prior to coaching, he has been a referree for both high school (1983-1990) and college (1989-2002).

For the Girls Varsity Basketball Team, the following Coaching Philosophy is practiced:

  1. Play great team defense
  2. Stretch the floor
  3. Spacing on offense
  4. Be fundamentally sound
  5. Compete on every play

The following quote was attributed to a legendary coach, "It is amazing how much can get accomplished, when no one cares who gets the credit." Coach Wooden expressed many maxims like this. As a coach, this is what we try to instill in our players - that it's Team vs. Me.

We hope that we can convince them that this is the role that will best help our team to be succesful and to reach the goals that we have set for ourselves. At the end of each practice, we have a "Thought of the Day" that we discuss with our players. Most have a notebook that they keep to refer to. It's just a teachable moment to continue to reinforce the concept of Team vs. Me.

Teaching and coaching are very similar in many respects - The key to being successful whether in the classroom or on the court is the relationship that you develop with those students/players. Once people who know that you are committed to them and that you care, then everything else becomes easy - because there is trust. Students/Players can do amazing things when they know that they have your support. The next piece of the equation is fairness - We treat everyone fairly, but we also continue to reinforce that things might not be equal. This is where the different levels of abililty take over. Some people are just more skilled than others. 

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